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Roofing Solutions

Derbigum has a life span of 45 years.
Other waterproof solutions have a life span of 10 to 20 years, then they have to be replaced and a new investment has to be done in the renewal of your roof. Furthermore they are less resistant and have therefore higher costs for maintenance and repairs.

Independent studies have shown that after 45 years, a new layer of Derbigum is enough to extend the life span of your roof with another 45 years.

The strict energy checks during the production process, the use of recycled materials and the life cycle analysis make that Derbigum membranes are produced with respect for the environment. In 8 years time Derbigum hasreduced its CO2-consumption during the production process with 70%.


Black roofing

With Derbigum's black roofing you are sure to have chosen a quality product, durable and ecological with a minimum of maintenance.

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White, reflective roofing

Derbibrite NT serves as a passive cooler for your roof and building. Save up to 2 euros per year per m2 on your energy bill and reduce the need for air conditioning and/or other cooling systems.

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pH-neutral roofing

The Derbigum Arte does not influence the pH of the rain water. Thus the water can be re-used for sanitary purposes, for the garden or e.g. a fountain.

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Place a green roof

Derbisedum contributes to the reduction of the CO2-emission. It facilitates and regulates the drainage of rain water. The system requires a minimum of maintenance and you can immediately enjoy your green roof.

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A granulated roof

A roof in Derbicolor FR, finished with Derbilist is an aesthetic and economical alternative, even for inclined roofs in e.g. zinc or copper.

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