Maintenance & repairs

One single professional interface

“DERBIGUM Maintenance & Repairs“ is a group of specialists within the DERBIGUM Group offering a unique combination of roofing and photovoltaic knowledge allowing its customers to have one single interface with the most accurate understanding of their needs.

Because most of its potential customers are not roof nor photovoltaic specialists, “DERBIGUM Maintenance & Repairs” can bring them peace of mind and allow them to focus on their actual job.

Dedicated solutions

“DERBIGUM Maintenance & Repairs“ is offering customized solutions to building owners, facility managers, property managers,… in order to help them maintaining or increasing the value of their “5th wall”.

Among them:

  • Roof maintenance
  • Roof small repairs
  • Roof renovation
  • Photovoltaic installation monitoring
  • Photovoltaic installation maintenance
  • Photovoltaic installation repairs
  • ...
With Derbigum Maintenance & Repairs, we now offer companies an extra service with guaranteed maintenance contractsJohan Symoens - CFO Derbigum

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